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This plan is designed to teach you how to eat for the rest of your life.  Exercise will do amazing things for your body, but if you're looking to lower your body fat then your diet is super important.  I consider myself to be a foodie in the sense that I love good food and have always struggled a bit with my diet. In other words, if I can follow this, anyone can! In this plan, you will be given a list of healthy options for all of your meals and snacks. The meals in this are not only super delicious, but they are also easy to make and don't require a lot of culinary skills or time.

Once you have purchased this, you will be able to download it immediately so you can start right away!  

Vegetarian options are included.

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Vivid Training

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Vivid Training Meal Plan
Why is this plan so effective?

It will basically tell you exactly what and when you should be eating so there's no guesswork.

It's family friendly so you won't be eating your healthy food by yourself or making yourself a separate meal.

This plan is backed by science to speed up your metabolism to burn fat.

It will give you the fuel you need to support your lean muscles.

It will give you energy to support your busy lifestyle.

It's not just for fat loss, this plan is designed to improve your overall health.

It will help to decrease any inflammation and excess bloating.

This plan doesn't use any weird gimmicks or pills.

It can help to lower visceral fat (belly fat), which is the most unhealthy fat of all.

Your skin will be glowing because you will be getting all the nutrients it craves.

It won't leave you feeling hungry- you will be filling your plate with food.

It will allow you to keep your social life by allowing for a few fun meals every week.

I can honestly tell you that not many things can change your overall health and appearance as much as a healthy diet.  This is one of the most positive changes you could ever make for yourself.
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